Sunday, October 12, 2008

Love for Literature, Culture, Art, Religion, Music, Fashion, Sports lives in the descendants!


Meet descendant Kenneth Bruce and his passion for playing bass-guitar. Kenneth born in Aruba in 1965 followed his love for playing bass-guitar and at the age of 20 he moved to the Netherlands to make his dream come true to become a successful bass-guitar player and play among the best Dutch artists. Highlights in his career are North Sea Jazz Festival in The Netherlands, Calle Ocho Festival in Florida, BB King Club in New York and Blue Note Jazz Club in Japan.

The most important thing for Bruce is that universal language of music unite humanity.

Kenneth Bruce is son of Dorothy Rumnit & Crispin Bruce. Dorothy Rumnit is daughter of Evaristo Rumnit who was son of Octavio Richardson, son of Diederik Johannes van Romondt former owner of the Belvedere Estate!

We wish Kenneth all the best in his career and looking forward to play for us at a VR-reunion in the future!!!

To learn more of Kenneth's work please visit his website at:

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