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The Rob van Ruremonde Collection ( Genealogist Netherlands)

A complete study " Geslachten van Roermond" regarding all family names related to the City of Roermond in the Netherlands. The van Romondt family is also included in the research.

The Iona Richardson-Cannegieter Collection (VR-descendant)

Pictures/Documentations/Oral history

Iona's (1926) father was Clarence Aubrey Cannegieter ( Judge in Sint Maarten), son of Otto Lionel van Romondt & Sarah Cannegieter. She is the daughter of Verena James, daughter of Elisha James & Eliza Nisbeth and widow of Alvan Bruno Richardson, son of John Granville van Romondt & Ella Eunice RIchardson of Sint Maarten.

The Mathias Voges Collection ( Historical Reseacher/ Ex- Acting Governor of Sint Maarten


Descendants of John Granville van Romondt

Descendants of Sarah Maria Cannegieter

Descendants of Susanna Halley

Marriage Certificate Octavio Lepidus Richardson & Marie Madeleine Illidge ( March 23, 1928)

Marriage Certificate Maurits Rudolph Richardson & Merle Carmen Howell ( 1934)

Complete family tree on the Van Romondt Family

The Anne van Droogenbroeck- de Beaulieu Collection ( VR- descendant)

Family tree document of the descendants of Charles Illidge & Madeleine van Romondt
The Guillaume de la Roche Collection (Genealogist/married to VR-descendant)

Family tree of the descendants of Charles Illigde & Madeleine van Romondt

Nick Posthumus Collection ( Genealogist Netherlands)

Nick has been a friend to our research for many years and have provided us with information on the descendants of the Rotte family. Susan VR married Jonkheer Ijsbrand de Rotte.

Descendants contact list

Descendants contact list:

French/Belgium/Martinique Branch:

Emmanuel Graëve
+34 697 572 789

Anne van Droogenbroeck- de Beaulieu ( lost contact)
40 Route des Vaux de Cernay
F 78610 Auffargis
Tél. : (not active)

Guillaume de la Roche

Richardson/ Cannegieter Branch:

Malaki Zuleika Croes
Stadionweg 7
Oranjestad Aruba
Tel: +297 5635347

Families not found

Louis Ethelbert Peterson ( Nov 19, 1920-Oct 14, 2008) (SXM)

The Peterson branch is related to the VR. We are still searching the connections. Louis was known as Piet and Telbot and was married to Filotea ( Chichi) Ruiz.
Peterson Branch (SXM)

The Peterson branch is connected to the VR-family. Research is still being done to find the connections.

Contacts: Elize Peterson, Mickey Peterson

Octavia Cagan Branch (U.S.A.)
Susanne Gallina:

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 9:45 AM, wrote:

I am a decedent of the Van Romondts.
My great grandmothers was a grandchild of Louis Van Romondt. Her Name was Octavia Cagan. sister of Angele Cagan. Octavia was known by Filomen and came to the United States when she was 19. Some believe that Angele may have even been Octavia's daughter...while there is a 17 year difference in age. Octavia left St Martin and never returned. We have been searching for my great grandmothers family for years.

Susanne Gallina
Daughter of Nanette Schenker, daughter of Yvette Mingo, Daughter of Octavia Cagan

Clothilde Van Romondt/Graëve Branch ( France/Belgium)

Francis Graeve was the eldest descendant and passed away in 2010 at the age of 97 years old in France.

Most of the Graëve reside in Paris. Well actually they all reside in Paris besides myself and another cousin who works in NYC I believe.
My grand-father´s parents were living in Martinique, at some point they left the island to live in Paris. My grand father was raised in Martinique until he was fourteen more less. Then there is so much to say about my grand father and the Graëve family overall. My grand father mentioned his mother was a Van Romondt but I think he didn´t keep in touch with that side of the family at all, God knows why, he will be stunned when I tell him about our emails ( Source: Emmanuel Graëve, 2009)

Schouten Branch (Aruba, Curacao, U.S.A., Netherlands)

Julie Jolanthe Wilson married Gerardus Johannes Schouten. Julie is daughter of Catherine Wilson & Ernest Gerald van Romondt better known as Mr. Nessie and sister to Miriam Wilson who married Hopmans. Julie & Gerardus had 12 children and so far three branches have been found.

Madeleine Alice Simone van Romondt/De Beaulieu Branch ( Belgium/France)

Family of Madeleine Alice Simone van Romondt, branch of daughter Marguerite Marie B. G. de Beaulieu who married Perilleux ( 4 sons, Didier, Dominique, Mickael, Renaud born in Etterbeek, Belgium) and daughter Suzanne Elisabeth Oscar B. G. de Beaulieu who married Hamesse ( 2 children (Eric and Catherine born in Schaerbeek, Belgium) and daughter Therese Marie Jehanne B. G. de Beaulieu who married Claude Foulon ( 1 child Benedicte Foulon)

Suzanne van Romondt/Vatble Branch ( Martinique/France)

Family of Suzanne " Suzon" van Romondt married Jules Vatble. The couple had 8 children ( Vatble, Thoze, Dormoy, Maxime, Jouanneau Courville, Levalios, Vaunzanges, Herve, Lafosse-Marin, de Reynal de Saint-Michel)
Angeline Clemence Adelaide van Romondt ( Belgium/France)

Angeline lived in Belgium ad died 11 January 1947 in Brussels.No information was found on any of her family.

Fischer Branch
We understand that some member of the Fisher Branch living in the Netherlands are related to the van Romondt family of the West Indian Branch. No information was found on any member of this family.

Family to Guillaume de la Roche ( France/Martinique)

I send you the descendants of Charles Illidge Van Romondt and Madeleine Blanche Néron de Surgy. Madeleine Blanche is the youngest sister of my wife's grand father. I have given your mail adress and request to my cousins who are descendants of the Van Romondt Family on the West Indien Branch and live in France and Martinique.

De Rotte branch ( The Netherlands)

We haven't found living descendants of branch of:

Jhr. Mauris Calixtus Franciscus Johannes de Rotte

Jhr. August Alexander Gerardus Calixtus de Rotte

Jhr. Frank Gerard de Rotte

Jr. Pieter IJsbrand de Rotte

De Rotte family is a royal family. Susan van Romondt married Jhr. Dr. IJsbrand Gerardus de Rotte

Family Genealogy

Family Genealogy:

The Netherlands:

The genealogy of the van Romondt family started with Johan van Romunde

( 1455-1510). Herman van Romunde/Romondt was son of Johan van Romunde

and Liesbeth Lyze NN. Herman van Romunde married Grieta Rademaicker and in 1544

Grieta decided that her fief (Leengoed) "'t Holthuis of Lincksgoet" under Angerlo, leenroerig

aan den huize Keppel should be divided among her six children. The couple owned a

house in the "Langebisschopstraat" in Deventer, The Netherlands.


The couple had six children:

Johan van Romunde (died in 1561)

Gerrit van Romunde (died between 1575-1581)

Henrick van Romunde (died < 29 Sept. 1609)

Christina van Romunde (died < 4 Feb 1605)

Elisabeth vn Romunde (died. < 4 Feb 1605)

Jenneken van Romunde (died <16 Sep 1561)

Sint Maarten

The van Romondt family of the West Indian Branch are all descendants of the

second son of Herman, Gerrit van Romunde whom son was Johan van Romunde.

Diederick Johannes van Romondt (1781-1849), forefather of the West Indian Branch

came to the island of Sint Maarten arrived in Sint Maarten in 1800 and married Ann Hassell.

The couple had eight children:

Johannes Willem

Diederick Christiaan

George Illidge

Susanna Elisabeth

Lumina Maria

Willem Hendrik

Charles Roelof

August Alexander

Diederick Johannes van Romondt was the first member of the van Romondt family

to set foot on SintMaarten and with this he established the van Romondt West

Indian Branch within the van Romondt family originating from the Netherlands.

Currently the van Romondt family consists of three branches: The Utrechtse Branch,

The Enkhuizer Branch and The West Indian Branch.

Throughout the years the family grew and has been one of the most prominent

families on the island of Sint Maarten with many historical facets which are all part of the

history of Sint Maarten.

New dimension in genealogy:

Please know that the Van Romondt West Indian Branch Research Project Research

has brought a new dimension in genealogy, whereas their is no distinction in the

descendants in the family tree. Looking back at the history of Sint Maarten between the

period 1800-1900 you can notice that the van Romondt family was one of the most powerful

families on the island as they owned majority of the properties and estates and were very

active in government. Slavery is also a part of the history and during this period that

Diederick Johannes van Romondt was governor of Sint Maarten(1820-1840). After his

period his 1st, son Johannes Willem van Romondt became governor of Sint Maarten.

Descendants in Sint Maarten:

As the van Romondt family grew on the island several van Romondt men had other children

before, during and or after their marriages and whom for whatever reason have not

acknowledged these children. These children carried their mother's name and were part of

the population of Sint Maarten. Some of them grew up with their van Romondt father while

others made a living with their mother. Due this matter up to this day in Sint Maarten there is

not one living person who carries the last name van Romondt on the island of Sint Maarten.

Many families still live in Sint Maarten while others left the island and living worldwide.

Van Romondt's worldwide:

Many van Romondt's branches and their families left to the U.S.A., Canada, Aruba, Curacao,

Bonaire, Suriname, The Netherlands, Belgium, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Indonesia and many

other places worldwide.

Finding the descendants:

Due to the many historical and oral history & facts and other information we were able to

find majority descendants all over the world and this has enable everyone to connect to each

other and create the Van Romondt West Indian Branch Research Project.


This research is dedicated to all descendants of the van Romondt family of the West

Indian Branch especially to all those who have the memories and those who never knew or

understood their true family heritage and with the help of this research have been able

to find their true family roots.

Research Completed

Dear descendants & special contacts worldwide,

About Van Romondt West Indian Branch:

Welcome to the website of the Van Romondt West Indian Branch.

If you have been directed to this website you most probably are an descendant, relative or contact in any way to the Van Romondt family of the West Indian Branch Sint Maarten. Explore the website and view all components of the Van Romondt West Indian Branch Research Project to learn more of your family heritage.


After years of research gathering all the family & historical links to the family tree of the Van Romondt West Indian Branch with a mission & vision to create the most amazing & blessed family tree in the Caribbean which is dedicated to all descendants and to the island of Sint Maarten for historical purposes we believe that the purpose of the Van Romondt West Indian Branch Research Project has been accomplished and therefore has ended in 2012.

We leave behind a family research project for personal and historical use of one of the most amazing families in Sint Maarten THE VAN ROMONDT FAMILY, West Indian Branch.
Many family branches have been found all over the world and we have gathered loads of
information, documentation, literature, pictures, and much more which is all incorporated in the research.

Family Reunions:

In 2008 the four family reunions were held at the following locations: Sint Maarten, Curacao,Aruba and New York and with the use of internet we have created websites and made the family connections with the use of social networking such as Facebook and many others.

We have tried to find living descendants of all the branches worldwide and we are
happy for the many many many families we found. Although we have tried to find everyone
with all the possible resources available,we are very sorry for the descendants/relatives,families, friends or genealogical contacts connected to the Van Romondt Family of the West Indian Branch whom we haven't found.

How it all started:

Behind the research at the age of fourteen Malaki Zuleika Croes (1974), born in Aruba, started her family project and wanted to know more about her Great-Grandfather John Granville van Romondt and her Great-Greatgrandfather Otto Lionel van Romondt from Sint Maarten(Dutch Caribbean). During her studies in the Netherlands (1998-2002) at family gatherings everyone would talk about their roots and heritage and little by little a project was born to help other branches find their family line. As the years passed by many families have been contacted worldwide to contribute with the Van Romondt West Indian Branch Research Project. It was an unforgettable journey where along the way we have encountered laughter, pain, grief, happiness, heritage, history, love,support, rejection, criticism, learning and much more, but this all has not stopped but instead has been a road to keep the love, passion, motivation and determination for the success of the VR-research to what it has become a historical resource for everyone in different ways.

New Life Course:

Malaki (from the Bible book of Malachi meaning " Messenger of GOD") grew up in a Protestant,Catholic and Methodist home,was a child who always wanted to be with GOD. Although her life path brought many successes, goals, accomplishments & dreams and not to forget the many trails and disappointments, she felt that something was still missing in her life!

As she cried out to God, little did she knew of the new life course her life would take when the Lord called upon her and she accepted Jesus Christ as her only savior and became a born again Christian.

With the transformation of her life, God has renewed her strength and as an eagle her new journey has begun ( Isaiah 40:31). Becoming obedient to God she followed the steps of becoming an Evangelist and today she spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide.


A special thanks goes out to each and everyone who has helped, supported and contributed to the Van Romondt West Indian Branch Research Project in any way possible.

Final note:

May God bless you and your family always. If you would like to know more about The Lord Jesus Christ feel free to contact anytime.

With love always, Shalom,

Malaki Zuleika Croes

Oranjestad, Aruba,

Facebook: Malaki Zuleika Croes

Skype: mzcroes

Tel AUA: +2975635347/ +2977448510

USA Number: 001-786-224-2185

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2010

Dear Family & friends,

On behalf of the Van Romondt West Indian Research Project I hereby would like to wish each and everyone of you and your family a wonderful X-mas and a blessed & victorious New Year filled with Joy, love and more family ties.

As you may have noticed the research team took a break this year 2009, after a successful 2008 where we held 4 family reunions and being very active on the internet for the last few years. We found so many families in several parts of the word and this is beautiful. Everyone is so excited and want to learn more about the family history and to get in touch with family worldwide.

With the help of facebook many families are in touch and we also made a group.

Throughout this year Malaki have been caught up several times with her health and had to take it very slowly which brought that she missed out on many activities and announcements this year. This year touched also many of us in different ways and I ask God to give us all strength in the difficult moments we faced this year. Some family members left us to be with the Lord and we extend our deepest sympathy to the families Romondt, Gibbs, Beajon, Schouten, Richardson, Kock, Cannegieter, van Romondt.

We also would like to announce that this year we had the birth of some new babies and several weddings ( more information on this will follow in 2010). We would like to congratulate the families and many blessings to you.

Once again thank you for your generous support to this research which keeps us going, motivated and determined to continue this wonderful work dedicated to the island of Sint Maarten and the future generations to come so that they many always know their family heritage.

Looking forward for a great new year. An apology to those who send emails throughout the years which several reasons could not be answered or followed up. Please accept the apologies. In the upcoming year we will little by little work on many details of the research.

May God bless each and every descendant of the VR-family and all our contacts, friends, contributors and may he show us all our life purpose which he has chosen for us. He already knows the purpose of this research and the importance of our role and support to it and let us all please thank himthat we are a team, one big family tree fulfilling this dream.

Please look us up on facebook and forward this email to family members. We still are missing connections.

With love to you,

On behalf of all the VR-descendants & VR-Research Team

Just received news regarding Will Johnson

Dear family and friends,

It is a great honor for me to inform you that mr. Will Johnson is a candidate for the upcoming Parliament election in January, 2010 in the Netherlands Antilles.

Mr. Will Johnson (historian and politician of Saba) was one of the guest of honor at the VR-family reunion in SXM 2008 together with Mr. Mathias Voges (historian and former deputy governor of Sint Maarten)

Mr. Will where do I start........., God knows how thankful I am to you for the work you have done! Thank you.

On behalf of the Cannegieter branch we would like to thank you for talking to our great great grandfather, great grandfather, grandfather, great great uncle, great uncle uncle and father the belated Judge mr. Clarence Aubrey " Besanto" Cannegieter about the family history of SXM families, especially of the van Romondt family. We understand that oral history has helped us throughout the years connecting us all back together.


On behalf of each and every descendant of the van Romondt family, especially the West Indian branch we would like to thank you for your interest in our family history and for writing the book "For the Love of Sint Maarten" which is the foundation of our family history in Sint Maarten and has helped and is still helping us today achieving the "van Romondt West Indian Research Project". Your book is the family bestseller and we will always cherish the book and the work you have put into it to achieve the publication.

I believe and know that GOD knew before it all where the work you did would lead too. Your book has been an inspiration to me and many of us regarding the history of the van Romondt Family and of Sint Maarten and to others about the history of Sint Maarten and as you know has led to other publications, newspaper articles, interviews, information and research all relating to the history of Sint Maarten which is used up to this present day in libraries, museum, schools, newspapers and not to forget the word connection " The Internet" etc.

May God bless you and your family and thank you for being such a nice person to sit down to talk too whether it is on the phone or personal or to stay in touch through writings such as emails, books and newspaper articles.

All the best wishes for the upcoming elections.

Will Johnson, danki, gracias, bedankt, merci, thank you for writing about our family history, the van Romondt Family where our forefather Diederik van Romondt came from Amsterdam The Netherlands to Sint Maarten in 1800 and became governor of Sint Maarten, marrying Ann Hassell and having their 6 children where we all are descendants from.

We as the VR-descendants will continue the work to keep the family tree alive so that the future generations will know their family heritage!

With kind regards,
Malaki Zuleika Croes

Saturday, July 25, 2009

VR-NEWS: Today 25 July 2009 one year ago we started to VAn ROMONDT REUNION cycle To members of Van Romondt Family Worldwide

Dear all,

Today is exactly 1 year ago that we opened the Van Romondt West Indian Branch Reunion Cycle. It was a special event for all of us.
25 July 2008: Pre Reunion in Willemstad Curacao
6-10 August 2008: Opening Reunion Sint Maarten
5 October 2008: After Reunion Aruba
27 November 2008: Closing Reunion New York

A special thank you goes out to each and every one of you who supports this huge research. We are realizing something bigger than we could have imagined. Some days I still think of the magical time we had together and say to myself how did we do it.

I believe and know it was the love we share among all of us and the unity of being one big family.

Once again thank you for your help throughout the years and your continues support every day to making this dream come true.

To the families we found during and after the reunions we thank you for finding us and becoming part of the research.

Little by little a small team is getting back together to continue the great work.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Dear Family & Friends,

As we all look back to 2008, one thing we know for sure is that we all made a dream come through by achieving something great!

WE UNITED AS FAMILY thanks to each and everyone and also with the help of the great contacts we have worldwide assisting us in this massive research.

After the closing reunion in November 2008 in the USA myself and many of you tried to catch up with many things including other hobbies, work, getting ready for family visits, X-mas & New Year and taking some time off to rest after a amazing year.

A new year full of LOVE & FAITH will fill us all so we can continue this great work we are achieving together.

As of today February 1st, 2009 we are back with the VAN ROMONDT, WEST INDIAN BRANCH RESEARCH PROJECT.

We kindly ask all the families we met through the many reunions to please send us your family details so we can continue updating the family data base.

We also extend our condolences to the family Corali in Curacao & the family Flanders in Aruba for the passing away of their beloved one in December 2008 & January 2009.

A special thank you goes out to everyone who sent emails, made calls to my several phonenumbers, messages and those living in Aruba for stopping by at the house. This is appreciated from the heart.

We are working on getting all the pictures and videos of the reunions online soon!

Once again thank you for your support! Let us get back to work,

May God bless your family in this new year!

With love always,
Malaki Zuleika Croes

Source pic:

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2009

Dear family & friends,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful support during this year in achieving what we all love most "the unity and love of a family".

As descendants of the Van Romondt Family of the West Indian Branch we have come together to unite four times this year. First in Curacao, then in Sint Maarten, followed by Aruba and U.S.A. The reunions were a life time memory and everyone enjoyed being among family and friends!

I know that God and our ancestors are very proud of all of us for making this research a huge success and we can continue the work as the new year fills us up with more prosperity and blessings of abundance!

This year we have seen our family tree grow with new little leaves here on this beautiful earth and leaves that grew above us to heaven to be with GOD. We know that the family members that left us are in a wonderful place among all our ancestors looking down at us and knowing that what we have done is special in so many ways!

I want to thank each and every contact worldwide who are out there supporting this project all the way. You know that your support means so much to us and we hope that you keep on joining us in our journey.

A special thanks goes out to the Aruba, Sint Maarten, Curacao and U.S.A. committee, sponsors, donators and the SXM and Aruba press for the wonderful job they did to make the reunions a wonderful experience.

A divine thank you to each and every descendant for your support, believe but most of all your love for making our dream come true!

May this season fill your heart with love and the new year bless you with the light of hope & faith and rains of gifts of gratefulness.

Bon Pasco & Bon ana 2009!

With Love always,
Malaki Zuleika Croes
Oranjestad Aruba

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sint Maarten's day November 11, 2008

Please tune in on 7.00 am till 1.00 p.m (local time Caribbean) to view Sint Maarten in retrospect 2008 with the hosts Elton & Gina for this year Sint Maarten's day. If your living in SXM please tune in on St. Maarten Cable TV channel 15.

Many guests will be part of this great program and among them is Malaki Croes who will focus on the Van Romondt Family and Daniella Jeffrey Historian of Saint Martin.

Don't miss this live program! Please visit the website

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The van Romondt West Indian Family Recipe Book

Dear family in preparation for the VR-Reunion in Sint Maarten we asked families so send us their favorite recipes and greetings to the family.

Please Let us know of your favorite family recipe so we can have a recipe book for our future generations to enjoy what we once loved to eat!

Email us at:

Love for Literature, Culture, Art, Religion, Music, Fashion, Sports lives in the descendants!


Meet descendant Kenneth Bruce and his passion for playing bass-guitar. Kenneth born in Aruba in 1965 followed his love for playing bass-guitar and at the age of 20 he moved to the Netherlands to make his dream come true to become a successful bass-guitar player and play among the best Dutch artists. Highlights in his career are North Sea Jazz Festival in The Netherlands, Calle Ocho Festival in Florida, BB King Club in New York and Blue Note Jazz Club in Japan.

The most important thing for Bruce is that universal language of music unite humanity.

Kenneth Bruce is son of Dorothy Rumnit & Crispin Bruce. Dorothy Rumnit is daughter of Evaristo Rumnit who was son of Octavio Richardson, son of Diederik Johannes van Romondt former owner of the Belvedere Estate!

We wish Kenneth all the best in his career and looking forward to play for us at a VR-reunion in the future!!!

To learn more of Kenneth's work please visit his website at:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Let us get ready for the closing reunion in New York

Closing VR-Reunion in USA
Save the date!

Dear family & friends,

On Sunday November 23, 2008
we will have the Closing VR-Reunion 2008 in the city of New York, U.S.A.!

Visit the following link for all details of the USA Reunion:

Our coordinator Mrs. Erika Smith-Cannegieter is getting everything ready and will be in touch with you. The reunion will be kept during daytime so everyone can come and join us for this special day.

Please inform all families especially those living in the US and Canada as many don't have email!

Your presence is highly appreciated.

Come and spend a weekend in New York and explore the city that never sleeps!

Please let us know a.s.a.p. if you can come to the reunion by sending an email to or call:

Hope to meet you in New York. The reunion in Curacao was SPECTACULAR, Sint Maarten AMAZING & LOVING and Aruba PHENOMENAL. Let us make the US closing event MAGNIFICENT!

With Divine Love & Compassion,

Malaki Zuleika Croes
On behalf of the van Romondt Family Tree West Indian Branch Research Project

Friday, October 10, 2008

Some pics of After Reunion Aruba 5 October 2008

Dear family friends,

Here are some pics of the After VR-Reunion in Aruba which was a great success and we would like to thank everyone for being present. We would also like to extend our apologies to the families & friends who didn't catch the camera and thank them for being among us and for supporting this huge research. If you took pictures please let us know so we can add them to the website.
We sure had a greet time together!

Pictures by: Raymond " Baboe" Hoek (AUA)

Thank you!

Malaki & Romulo Geerman (Rumbo Ranch Aruba)
Malaki & Ligia Geerman-Richardson
The Van Romondt West Indian Branch cake
Alice van Romondt
Olga Buckley
Daan, Lily and Pennylou Richardson
Adonis Jack
Malaki & Baldwin Carti
A picture of the families & friends
Rachel Richardson
The Carti family
Hopmans/Oduber branch
The gifts of hands from Valerie Brown Curacao N.A.
Jacks branch (Matinbourgh, Batist, Farrel)
Illidge branch
Cannegieter branch
van Romondt West Indian Branch Reunion T-shirt Sint Maarten N.A.
Van Romondt branch
Carti Branch (Amabel Richardson)
Richardson Branch
Richardson Branch

Not on picture:
Arlene Nagtegaal-Spencer, Sonja Hopmans, Grace van Heynigen, Agnes Richardson, Micheal Thode, Rubert & Jacky Croes,Greg Peterson, Tamara-Yarzagaray-Batist & family, Merle Serrant-Gibbs and family, Zenaida Gibbs-Baly, The Gibbs-Baly family, Emilio Kock, Jules & Peggy Arrindell, Gwendoline Gunsam, Louise Hodge, Yolanda Richardson & Reginald Havertong, John & Johnny Nisbeth, Jean-Ann Winklaar, Maximen & Lucy Charles, Ruby & Dr. Harold Narain-Richardson, Valeska Trim, Tansine Trim, Curt Harms.

At the After Reunion in Aruba the following families & friends came to have a greet time with each other:
Granville Richardson, Rufino Richardson, Gwendoline Gunsam, Iona Richardson-Cannegieter & family, Diana Flanders, Louise Hodge, Lewis & Minouche van Romondt and family, Alice van Romondt, Arlene Nagtegaal-Spencer, Sonja Hopmans, Oscar Oduber, Ervinia Maduro-Flanders, Gilbert Geerman & Rudmayra Kock and family, Marjorie Rumnit, Mary Flanders, Raphael Flanders, Lyanne Wout, Daan & Francisca Richardson-Maduro and family, Charisma Williams & family, Ivan & Alida Hopmans and family, Licha Kock-Arrindell, Jogi Kock & family, Baldwin & Luci Carti, Marie and Monica Carti, Juanita Jack-Tromp, Patricia Kelly Carti, Tyron and Grace van Heyningen, Jules & Peggy Arrindell, William & Eudosia Richardson, Anna Maria Richardson-Peters & Tirhakah Richardson, John & Jonny Nisbeth, Doris van Romondt, Helen van Romondt, Orol Henriquez & Steve Croes, Ramoncito & Jean-Ann Winklaar and Shanyiah Croes, Imelda Steward, Xiomara and Malik Jack, Alida Jack, Adonis Jack, Antonia Edson, Chelbi Benders, Veronica Rumnit, Maximen & Lucy Charles, Brain van Romondt & family, Gaby Illidge, Edwin Illidge, Mildred Cannegieter & family, Erica Cannegieter-Werleman & family, Diana Kelly, Naomi Kelly, Greg Peterson, Olga Buckley, Christal Jones, Pennelou Trapenberg-Richardson & family, Lilly Hart-Richardson, Sharine Carti, Emily Carti, Yolanda Richardson & Reginald Havertong, Michael Hopmans, Jacqueline Hopmans, Jennifer Hopmans, Richard Hopmans, Miriam & Emilio Kock-Salazar & family, Dorothy Richardson & family, Agnes Thode & family, Tamara Yarzagaray-Batist and family, Merl Serrant-Gibbs and family, Zenaida Gibbs-Baly, The Gibbs-Baly family, Ileana Halley-Labega & family, Raymond Hopmans, Curt Harms, Dr. Harold and mrs. Ruby Narain-Richardson, Tansine Trim-Dore and Valeska Trim.

Descendants of one branch and the resemblances!

Diederik Johannes van Romondt, former owner of the Belvedere Estate and his descendants. Look at the resemblances.

On picture;
DJ van Romondt (d), Derek Walcott (USA), Daphe van Schendel-Labega (CUR), Desta Nisbeth (CUR), Johannes Brown (CUR), Octavio Richardson (d) and George Benson (USA)

Nobel Prize Winner and VR-descendant Derek Walcott (78) opens the Cola-Debrot Seminar in Amsterdam The Netherlands and Working on Opera in UK!

We still haven't been in touch with Derek Walcott. We respect that he is not interested in our research but we are proud of all descendants and their achievements in the field they love most.

Derek Walcott ( 1930) theatre writer and Noble Prize winner of literature 1992 was recently invited by the study group Caribbean Literature for the first Cola Debrot Seminar in the aula of the University of Amsterdam which took place on
May, 20 2008 and was the first keynote speaker for the cycle of seminars of the study group. The Cola Debrot seminar will take place every 2 years in Amsterdam the Netherlands and is dedicated to Caribbean Literature.

As many of us know Divine Love is the light of this research and you see again how God works and synchronizes everything to each other. Derek was invited as the keynote speaker at the Cola Debrot Seminar in Amsterdam The Netherlands. Our forefather Diederik Johannes van Romondt was born and raised in Amsterdam The Netherlands and sailed in 1800 to the island of Sint Maarten N.A. where today we can stand together as descendants of the West Indian Branch of the van Romondt family.

Not only in The Netherlands people admire the work of Derek Walcott also in the UK. The newspaper the Guardian (p12) wrote on Saturday October 4, 2008 in the section Features & Reviews an article ' A life in writing: Derek Walcott.

And also Derek St. Lucia-born Walcott, who captured the prize in 1992, together with Nobel winners Heaney on the work Antigone opera. Heaney, who won the Nobel in 1995 and Derek, are old friends. "[This piece] offers a rare opportunity for a work of considerable importance and beauty to be seen and heard," said Walcott, 78. The opera will premiere on Oct. 11 and go on a national tour.

The van Romondt Family Tree West Indian Branch Research Project congratulate Derek Walcott for his recent achievement and hope one day he can open is heart to us! We are very proud to have a descendant well known in the world and who is doing a great job!

Who is Derek Walcott?
Derek Alton Walcott (born January 23, 1930) is a West Indies poet, playwright, writer and visual artist who writes mainly in English. Born in Castries, St. Lucia, he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1992.
His work, which developed independently of the schools of magic realism emerging in both South America and Europe at around the time of his birth, is intensely related to the symbolism of myth and its relationship to culture. He is best known for his epic poem Omeros, a reworking of Homeric story and tradition into a journey around the Caribbean and beyond to the American West and London. Walcott founded the Trinidad Theatre Workshop in 1959, which has produced his plays (and others) since that time, and remains active with its Board of Directors. He also founded Boston Playwrights' Theatre at Boston University in 1981 with the hope of creating a home for new plays in Boston, Massachusetts. Walcott continues to teach poetry and drama in the Creative Writing Department at Boston University and gives readings and lectures throughout the world. He divides his time between his home in the Caribbean and New York City.

Read more:

A little of Derek's family?
As a young man, Warwick [Derek's father] worked as a copyist at the Education Office. (Subsequently, he worked for St. Lucia's Attorney General and Acting Chief Justice.) At night and on weekends, Warwick painted, read Shakespeare and Dickens, and gathered around him like-minded friends, who put on amateur theatricals. One of the members of this group, which Warwick christened the Star Literary Club, was Alix Maarlin [subsequently Derek's mother], the daughter of Johannes van Romondt, a white estate owner on St. Maarten, and Caroline Maarlin, a brown woman. Alix had moved to St. Lucia as a young girl, apparently to finish her schooling. Her guardian, a Dutch trader, was part of a small clan who helped establish the Methodist presence on St. Lucia. Alix, too, practiced Methodism, which was practically a cult on the Catholic-dominated island. Many of my paternal ancestors were prominent Methodists in the Caribbean. It's amusing to think that they were at the centre of a "cult". It explains a lot!

Read more of the Cola Debrot Seminar in Amsterdam The Netherlands:

Cola Debrot:
Cola (Nicolaas) Debrot (1902-1981) was a writer, lawyer, medical doctor and politician active in Curacao. He laid the foundations of Dutch-Antillian literature. His debut Mijn zuster de negerin (1935) is best-known. Cola Debrot has also been active as a politician. He was the first Governor of the Netherlands Antilles who was born on one of the islands (1962-1970).

Seeking the branch of Judy van Romondt who married Dr. Thomas Robert Di Donata!

Source: ALL,







Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meet our special contacts " the Hassell's"

We are just so happy that we have so many people supporting and helping us with information regarding the research of the van Romondt Family Tree West Indian Branch Research Project.

Families such as Hassell, Gumbs, de Cloux and many more are very important to our research as they connect our family in the first lines of the family tree.

As you know Diederik Johannes van Romondt who came to Sint Maarten N.A. in 1800 married to Ann Hassell. We are still gathering information on the ancestors of Ann so we can have the connection within the Hassell family tree.

Our special contacts of the Hassell's family include: Billy Hassell (USA), Keith Hassell (UK) KJ Hassell (USA), Edward Hassell, Edward Middendorf, Charles Cloeber (USA), Chris Hassell (USA), Christopher Gleed (USA), John Hassell and Gosta Simmons.

Picture of KJ Hassell & Billy Hassell in Saba.

Together we are helping each other to find more information.

Attached a pic of Billy Hassell ( right) and his cousins in Saba.
Source: Billy Hassell, USA

We thank the Hassell 's for being part of our research.
Keith Hassell has also a website:

Meet our special contact " Mr. Giovanni de Windt"

Source: Malaki Z. Croes (AUA)

Dear all,

Meet one of our special contacts hobby genealogist Giovanni de Windt. Giovanni heard of the van Romondt Family Tree West Indian Branch Research Project a few years ago through the internet. Giovanni now lives in Aruba and he & Malaki get together frequently to talk about their passion and to fill in on gaps & do research.

Giovanni de Windt is descendant of the " de Windt" and "Nicolaas" family and has an extensive database which consists of almost 9000 names. His quest is to find the connections with " de Windt" and "Nicolaas" family. He has also provided our research with many information on the Windt, van Romondt and Croes family.

We would like to thank Giovanni for his interest in the van Romondt Family Tree West Indian Branch and wish him all the best with his family research.

Interview in Aruba

Recently the Van Romondt Family Tree Research Project received a call from the Department of Social Affairs of Aruba
Mrs. Andrina Nicolaas, PR of the department heard about this research through Mr. Giovanni de Windt, Hobby Genealogist and she was very excited. Currently the Department of Social Affairs of Aruba is hosting a program called " Aruba Connecta" ( Aruba Connects) where the focus is on the community to get connected to each other by a series of 6 specific values.

The 4th edition of the program "Aruba Connecta" is dedicated to family and to make this a special edition Malaki and Giovanni were both interviewed on their passion for family research, the importance of family in their eyes, their research and the future aspects.

Mrs. Iona Richardson-Cannegieter 82 ( Malaki's grandmother) was also interviewed by the crew where she spoke about the importance of family, family connections in the old days vs today, special memories and value of family.

All of this took place on Thursday 9 November, 2008 at the residence of Iona in Oranjestad Aruba. It was a nice morning and thanks to the crew Uka Marchena & Marlon Croes of Communication & Business Management Consultancy N.V. and
mrs. Andrina Nicolaas a nice recording was held.

End of October 2008 the video will be aired on the 2 television stations on the island TeleAruba and ATV and the Department of Social Affairs of Aruba will also keep several workshops on the island where the video will be played to the participants and where they can enjoy a program on how families can get connected to their families and many other aspects regarding family connections.

On behalf of the Van Romondt West Indian Branch Research Project we would like to thank mrs. Andrina Nicolaas for her interest in genealogy!

Pics by: Malaki Z. Croes (AUA)

Cannegieter branch uniting!

As you know the van Romondt Family Tree Research Project is the overall view, the big picture of all descendants of Diederik Johannes van Romondt & Ann Hassell. Within the family their are many branches and so you can also make a family tree on a specific family name. The Cannegieter's are also gathering information and finally Malaki got the chance to make a start. Sarah Cannegieter born on Sint Maarten N.A. was married to Otto Lionel van Romondt and mother of Clarence Aubrey, Douglas Sinclair, Dominic Walter, Roger Cornelius. Soon Iona Cannegieter (Malaki's grandmother) will be interviewed on the Cannegieter family. She is now the eldest member of the Cannegieter's of Sarah Cannegieter.

Currently we are also gathering all information on the Cannegieter and hope one day to also connect all Cannegieter's worldwide.

Check out:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reactions regarding the VR-Research

Message from Wendy Vatblé: 20 September 2011:

Well I think you've found a new generation of your family and the root is in Martinique.

Message from Anne van Droogenbroeck-de Beaulieu, 12 May 2007:

Your search seems to be fruitful... Many congratulations to you !

Message from Anne van Droogenbroeck-de Beaulieu, 28 March 2007:

Good luck for this family project. It is really a good and great idea.

Congratulations. Very kind regards from the Belgian branch of the Van Romondt family.

Message from Emmanuel Graëve, 21 March 2009:

Its fantastic to discover that I have a cousin from the Von Romondt family (quite fascinating how life isn´t it?), its really fantastic! Inés my gf is so excited that I have a cousin in Aruba that she wants to go the next family reunion whether its in Aruba, Curucao, Barbados.. She loves the locations!I didn´t know the other branch of the Van Romondt died because of the eruption in 1911 (I think). My grand-father´s parents were living in Martinique, at some point they left the island to live in Paris. My grand father was raised in Martinique until he was fourteen moreless. Then there is so much to say about my grand father and the Graëve family overall. My grand father mentionned his mother was a Van Romondt but I think he didn´t keep in touch with that side of the family at all, god knows why, he will be stunned when I tell him about our emails.

Message from Pastor Johhny van Romondt, 27 May 2011:





Date 09 Aug 2008 Name Heidi M. van Romondt-Scherpenberg E-Mail Comments Malaki, contá? Hope you had a great time in St. Maarten, sorry I couldn`t be there.

Date 09 Aug 2008 Name Andy Richardson Christel van der Vorst E-Mail Comments Hello all there at St. Maarten. I hope you?ll are enjoying and having a good time. Congratulations on the release of the History Ancestors & Descendants of the VAN ROMONDT. We are still checking you site. We haven?t seen everything yet but it is very impressive all the information you have found about our family. It has become a very special document. Our compliments to Malaki en everyone working on the site!!! Greetings Andy & Christel Richardson

Date 09 Aug 2008 Name Lewis Alfred van Romondt E-Mail Comments Very impressive and a great tool to have for our future generations to know how, when and where it all started and how we area all part of one great world. Unfortunately we can not be amongst the family in Sint Maarten, but our thoughts and heart are with you all. Enjoy Malaki, Thanks for this wonderful experience.

Date 09 Aug 2008 Name Barbara and Diederick E-Mail Homepage Comments Malaki Congratulations on bringing together the family from all over the world. It was a wonderful night last night. For those of you who could not attend, I put a few pictures on my blog Keep up the good work Diederick and Barbara Cannegieter

Date 12 Aug 2008 Name Rob van Ruremonde Comments Very nicely done! Your site looks great. Rob


Joyce Dittle-Quiram (USA):
I just wanted you know that I love the family tree you put together. I WROTE BEFORE I ENJOYED READING ABOUT MY RELATIVES ON YOUR WEB

Eleanor O'Malley (USA):
Your work in this project was magnificent, generous, sacrificial, but most of all full of love, and I do so wish I could be there with you and to meet all my family. "Lord, may this reunion be a time of healing joy and abundant blessings for those in attendance and those unable to attend. May it bring all generational "curses" to an end at your cross, shower your greatest blessings and on this family and their descendants as they fulfill your destiny in calling each one to life. Finally, Lord, may it put a great big smile on your face! Malaki-you've been a great blessing to me. May you be blessed silly from your big toes to the top of your head in the reunion. I hope it even goes way beyond your greatest expectations. Malaki-Now that your wonderful work of love is completed: Have you ever considered writing a book about The Most Awesome Caribbean Family Tree? You've got all the material for it in the research you've done. All you'd have to do would be to put it down with a few comments in between and perhaps "family recollections" by those still living who might like to do so. Whatever, "Girl, go for it!" (after a bit of a rest). I think the story derserves to be told.

Lyanne Beaujon (AUA):
Hey Girlfriend. i heard that whole of St. Maarten is talking about the upcoming reunion. Heeeel leuk, Wish I could be there.
Meisje lot's lot'sof success , You are so Great and we are proud of you for doing such a wonderful job!
Keep on going girl now you have to go for that book! Give all my regards!

Leona Daniel-Peterson (USA):
Just know, "You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you." Philippians 4:13.
Don't try to do anything without including God. Only when God is in it all will go according to God's plan.

Diederick & Barbara Cannegieter (SXM):
The news is really spreading about your work and you are getting all these new contacts. Fantastic! We are so proud of you! Congratulations on bringing together the family from all over the world. It was a wonderful night last night in SXM.
For those of you who could not attend, I put a few pictures on my blog. Keep up the good work.

Keith Hassell (UK);
Great site. Well done!

Valerie Brown (CUR):
It was a nice reunion in Sint Maarten. Bo ta magestral. Sigi ke bon trabow i no laga niun hende mors kubo PRRRRRRIIIIMA.
Bo tin un abelidad masha great mes. Hopi kos bo por hasi i bo ta hasinan ku amor. Mi ta gosabu. Nan di: Malaki ta papia hopi. Pero Malaki tin hopi koi papia. Tapesey nos a logra nos family tree, dor di Malaki su never ending talking. You go GIRL.

Olga Buckley (AUA):
Na di prome luga, hopi danki pa e informacion.Ta un trabou inmenso bo a haci. E website ta hopi interesante, y users friendly.
Bon hinca den otro. Mi ta hopi impresiona.

Drs. Leopold James (SXM):
I had the opportunity and privilege to hear you as guest last week on the radio-program of Lloyd RICHARDSON.
It certainly was delight to hear a person speak with the energy, enthusiasm and pride as you did.
Certainly was very inspiring for anyone listening to you, because you are really a role-model for many young people.
Finally, I also congratulate you on organizing the Van ROMONDT family reunion and for your website, which really clearly is testimony to the amount of research you put in.

Ans Koolen (SXM):
je zult wel moe zijn na alle activiteiten, maar het was vast de moeite waard. De presentatie bij de bibliotheek was erg leuk. Groetjes en succes verder.

Lewis van Romondt (AUA):
Very impressive and a great tool to have for our future generations to know how, when and where it all started and how we area all part of one great world. Unfortunately we can not be amongst the family in Sint Maarten, but our thoughts and heart are with you all. Enjoy Malaki, Thanks for this wonderful experience.

Heather Nielsen (UK):
Love to you all at your gathering!Have a wonderful time together sharing memories and learning more about your families.

Heidi van Romondt (HOL):
I Hope you had a wonderful time in St. Maarten, hopefully next time we can attend also.

Jacqueline, House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP)
Have an enjoyable time.

Rob van Ruremonde (HOL):
Very nicely done!
Your site looks great.

Brian van Romondt (AUA):
Good job!! I am proud of you!

Annette Lacombe-Bogert (USA):
i just want to thank you for all that you have done. i have been telling my children all about their family. I know how hard you worked to get this done.

Family Norman Romondt (CUR):
Dios Bendishona bo. Hopi abrasos, OK. Keep up the good work. God Bless.Pabien ku ultimo logronan. Hopi Great mes.

The Oxley Branch (Barbados, Bahamas and England):
Now that the dust has settled & you've been able to catch your breath after the last few hectic weeks, we wanted to write & congratulate you on such a tremendous effort & achievement. Whilst others have been fortunate to thank you in person, please know that we very sincerely appreciate having this wonderful document of the VR (West Indian Branch) family tree.The most important aspect of your work is that it has brought the members of a widely diverse & distributed family into much closer contact to develop new relationships & that it should continue to live & grow as family members change.
Best wishes & we hope that we can meet in person sometime in the future.

Ginny Amrose (USA):
I really wish that I could come to the party in Sint Maarten and meet everyone. I won't be able to however, so please know I am grateful for your work and tell the family how the Denver branch, Ginny Amrose is going to make a connection in the future.

Danielou Simmons (SXM):
Het is fijn om te weten waar onze roots vandaan komen!

Shirley Vlaun (USA):
Back in the good ol' U.S of A all sad that the party is over. But in a sense with a nice feeling that all went so well and that we all had such a good time. We are so looking forward to doing this again. I truly believe, next time you'll have more help, me included. So I am going to start to read up on it all!! But do know this: It was really a fantastic time had by all Everywhere I went people talked about it and asked whether "I" of all people was a VR descendant. Including people on my flight back to Miami. I feel I could represent your Mom and tell you how extremely proud I am of you.( believe me I may have told you that uncle Rodgers and I tried tracing many years ago, pre-pc time) and it was virtually impossible. I'm so glad you did and we're a bigger and happier extended family for it. Take care, get some well deserved rest.

Andy & Christel Richardson van de Vorst (HOL):
We verwachten dat het een groot succes is.

Lucille Bremer (SXM):
This is great, I will keep in contact. Keep up the good work.

Ingrid Gumbs (HOL):
wish that i was there. Aruba het moet wel geweldig zijn geweest na het succes van Saint Maarten
Gefeliciteerd. Ik hoop dat hiermee nog meer families een familie reunie gaan houden. We are all family at the end.
Pasa bon dia en groet en rust nu lekker uit. Of moet je nu gaan afkicken van alle adrenaline rush van de voorbereiding en hoogte punten van de reunie. je mag in iedergeval met volle tevredenheid terug kijken om een geslaagde organistaite. Je kan je nu parktijkdeskundige noemen in de caribbean genealogy. Wat fantastisch leuk en ook een kroon op je inzet en monikken werk. Want het is een hele gezoek om alles op ee nrijtje te krijgen.

Norman Romondt (CUR):
God Bless, Hopi kampeon e site a keda, Pabien!!!

Warno Kartokromo, J.C.I. Senator # 46900 on SXM. (SXM):
Congratulation, Continue with the noble/ good work. GOD's blessings.

Erika Cannegieter (USA):
congratulations, cuz. That is so exciting. It sounds like you guys had a great time.
I can't wait to see the pics!!!It looks like it was a huge success!!!! I'm so proud of you

Yolanda Richardson (AUA):
Go girl. You are an inspiration to me !!!

Rachel Langenberg-Cannegieter (HOL):
De website is echt geweldig geworden en ik kom steeds meer te weten over de familie voorgeschiedenis. Keep up the good work....en ik spreek je!

Alicia Buyer (USA):
Congratulations on accomplishing the Reunion! I am in awe of your energy and dedication to your project. You are an inspiration and you look beautiful too! It is wonderful to see that you have Will Johnson at the reunion. The whole thing is so amazing, you have really followed your dream. All the best,

Marjorie Rumnit (AUA):
Congratulations on the success of this research and Database, your success. Shines bright star child.

Eva Contreras-Cannegietetr (USA):
I'm very proud of you and also very sad that I couldn't be there for you and my father but I have you in my heart; I thank you very much for all you have done, God bless you.

Veronica Rumnit (AUA):
Great Job!

Diana Flanders (AUA);
Pabien ku e trabou bon hasi. Aruba tawata hopi great y gezellig. A total succes. God bless.

Eleanor O' Malley (USA):
Malaki-The cake looks scrumptious, and my, I can hardly believe all those relatives I have that I haven't met! Never too late! "Now that you're rested," how about planning another reunion in about 5 years? So wish I could have been there and met everyone. Your work was monumental, and devotion to the family admirable! I do hope th ere will be another gathering sometime and that I will be able to go to.

Shannaka Cannegieter (HOL):
I think a congratulations is in its right. As seen from the blog and family tree a job well done. Enjoy all the festivities and appreciate the thanks from everyone.

Anna Maria Richardson-Peters (AUA):
Thank you very much, good work!

George Benson (USA):
Thank you for keeping me updated, and more important, thank you for organizing the affair in St. Maarten, which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Doris van Romondt (AUA):
Danki pa un gezellige avond in Aruba.

Leona Daniel-Peterson (USA):
THANK YOU for everything at the Reunion. I really had a wonderful time and still can't stop talking about it.
Take care, keep up the good work, and most of all keep the faith.

Henk en Maria van der Sluijs-Plantz (HOL):
Keep up the good work!

Grace Romondt (CUR)
Malaki, hopi forsa i hopi alegria den tur loke bo mester regla ainda e dianan akí. No laga nada ku ta "parse negativo" deskurashá òf kitabo for di e bunita meta akí!

Rufino Richardson (CUR):
You must feel good afther the enormust succes on SXM, congratulations are in order.Thanks for all that you did but most of all thank you for taking such good care of my godmother, your grandmother Iona Richardson-Cannegieter.

Jacqueline Lokke (FR):
Hello malaki, you look very nice on the picture of the opening in Sint Maarten N.A. Kiss from paris

Billy Hassell (USA):
Good job with all your research, and good luck in all your endeavors.


Descendants excited and putting info regarding VR-Reunion Online

The van Romondt West Indian Branch Reunion was amazing! Not only we have many pictures and is the official opening recorded but also many descendants took their pictures and also made some video snaps and added information on the VR on their website.!!

Well enjoy the website of Diederick " Uncle DEE DEE" Johannes Cannegieter & Barbara Cannegieter. Diederick is son of the late Judge of Sint Maarten N.A. mr. Clarence Aubrey " Besanto" Cannegieter who was son of Otto Lionel van Romondt & Sarah Cannegieter.


Barbara's website:

(Also check Barbara's site for more information click on the tags such as family, family reunion, Van Romondt family Reunion, Emilio Wilson, Emilio Wilson Estate to read more)

Meet our special contact " Mrs. Olga Buckley"

The van Romondt Family Tree West Indian Branch Research Project is very happy that we have many special contacts who support our research and one of them is mrs. Olga Buckley Poet & Writer living on the island of Aruba.

Olga Buckley retired school teacher, married to Frank Zaandam and mother of 3 children grew up in a big family consisting of 11 children with a wonderful family feeling were knowing your family heritage and roots was considered an important aspect within the family.

This weekend Olga will launch her second book on Poetry titled " Sin Mira Patras" which means Don't Look Back.
The book is dedicated to Olga's mother and focuses on traditions they as a family celebrated every year. Olga hopes that this book where she shares their family traditions will bring memories, happiness and refugee to everyone.

This Saturday October 11, 2008 Olga will be present at the bookstore Van Dorp located in Dakota from 11.00-1.00 p.m. where she will present her new book " Sin Wak Patras" and speak about her work and experiences and hope everyone will enjoy.

Visit Olga's website at:

Olga supports our research and said to Malaki at the After Reunion in Aruba October 5, 2008 " With all your enthusiasm you have no idea of the wonderful job your doing by gathering everyone together and doing this research. One day you will realize this or so will the future generations to come, your children and their children. This research is so amazing"