Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2010

Dear Family & friends,

On behalf of the Van Romondt West Indian Research Project I hereby would like to wish each and everyone of you and your family a wonderful X-mas and a blessed & victorious New Year filled with Joy, love and more family ties.

As you may have noticed the research team took a break this year 2009, after a successful 2008 where we held 4 family reunions and being very active on the internet for the last few years. We found so many families in several parts of the word and this is beautiful. Everyone is so excited and want to learn more about the family history and to get in touch with family worldwide.

With the help of facebook many families are in touch and we also made a group.

Throughout this year Malaki have been caught up several times with her health and had to take it very slowly which brought that she missed out on many activities and announcements this year. This year touched also many of us in different ways and I ask God to give us all strength in the difficult moments we faced this year. Some family members left us to be with the Lord and we extend our deepest sympathy to the families Romondt, Gibbs, Beajon, Schouten, Richardson, Kock, Cannegieter, van Romondt.

We also would like to announce that this year we had the birth of some new babies and several weddings ( more information on this will follow in 2010). We would like to congratulate the families and many blessings to you.

Once again thank you for your generous support to this research which keeps us going, motivated and determined to continue this wonderful work dedicated to the island of Sint Maarten and the future generations to come so that they many always know their family heritage.

Looking forward for a great new year. An apology to those who send emails throughout the years which several reasons could not be answered or followed up. Please accept the apologies. In the upcoming year we will little by little work on many details of the research.

May God bless each and every descendant of the VR-family and all our contacts, friends, contributors and may he show us all our life purpose which he has chosen for us. He already knows the purpose of this research and the importance of our role and support to it and let us all please thank himthat we are a team, one big family tree fulfilling this dream.

Please look us up on facebook and forward this email to family members. We still are missing connections.

With love to you,

On behalf of all the VR-descendants & VR-Research Team

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