Sunday, January 22, 2012

Research Completed

Dear descendants & special contacts worldwide,

About Van Romondt West Indian Branch:

Welcome to the website of the Van Romondt West Indian Branch.

If you have been directed to this website you most probably are an descendant, relative or contact in any way to the Van Romondt family of the West Indian Branch Sint Maarten. Explore the website and view all components of the Van Romondt West Indian Branch Research Project to learn more of your family heritage.


After years of research gathering all the family & historical links to the family tree of the Van Romondt West Indian Branch with a mission & vision to create the most amazing & blessed family tree in the Caribbean which is dedicated to all descendants and to the island of Sint Maarten for historical purposes we believe that the purpose of the Van Romondt West Indian Branch Research Project has been accomplished and therefore has ended in 2012.

We leave behind a family research project for personal and historical use of one of the most amazing families in Sint Maarten THE VAN ROMONDT FAMILY, West Indian Branch.
Many family branches have been found all over the world and we have gathered loads of
information, documentation, literature, pictures, and much more which is all incorporated in the research.

Family Reunions:

In 2008 the four family reunions were held at the following locations: Sint Maarten, Curacao,Aruba and New York and with the use of internet we have created websites and made the family connections with the use of social networking such as Facebook and many others.

We have tried to find living descendants of all the branches worldwide and we are
happy for the many many many families we found. Although we have tried to find everyone
with all the possible resources available,we are very sorry for the descendants/relatives,families, friends or genealogical contacts connected to the Van Romondt Family of the West Indian Branch whom we haven't found.

How it all started:

Behind the research at the age of fourteen Malaki Zuleika Croes (1974), born in Aruba, started her family project and wanted to know more about her Great-Grandfather John Granville van Romondt and her Great-Greatgrandfather Otto Lionel van Romondt from Sint Maarten(Dutch Caribbean). During her studies in the Netherlands (1998-2002) at family gatherings everyone would talk about their roots and heritage and little by little a project was born to help other branches find their family line. As the years passed by many families have been contacted worldwide to contribute with the Van Romondt West Indian Branch Research Project. It was an unforgettable journey where along the way we have encountered laughter, pain, grief, happiness, heritage, history, love,support, rejection, criticism, learning and much more, but this all has not stopped but instead has been a road to keep the love, passion, motivation and determination for the success of the VR-research to what it has become a historical resource for everyone in different ways.

New Life Course:

Malaki (from the Bible book of Malachi meaning " Messenger of GOD") grew up in a Protestant,Catholic and Methodist home,was a child who always wanted to be with GOD. Although her life path brought many successes, goals, accomplishments & dreams and not to forget the many trails and disappointments, she felt that something was still missing in her life!

As she cried out to God, little did she knew of the new life course her life would take when the Lord called upon her and she accepted Jesus Christ as her only savior and became a born again Christian.

With the transformation of her life, God has renewed her strength and as an eagle her new journey has begun ( Isaiah 40:31). Becoming obedient to God she followed the steps of becoming an Evangelist and today she spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide.


A special thanks goes out to each and everyone who has helped, supported and contributed to the Van Romondt West Indian Branch Research Project in any way possible.

Final note:

May God bless you and your family always. If you would like to know more about The Lord Jesus Christ feel free to contact anytime.

With love always, Shalom,

Malaki Zuleika Croes

Oranjestad, Aruba,

Facebook: Malaki Zuleika Croes

Skype: mzcroes

Tel AUA: +2975635347/ +2977448510

USA Number: 001-786-224-2185

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