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The Rob van Ruremonde Collection ( Genealogist Netherlands)

A complete study " Geslachten van Roermond" regarding all family names related to the City of Roermond in the Netherlands. The van Romondt family is also included in the research.

The Iona Richardson-Cannegieter Collection (VR-descendant)

Pictures/Documentations/Oral history

Iona's (1926) father was Clarence Aubrey Cannegieter ( Judge in Sint Maarten), son of Otto Lionel van Romondt & Sarah Cannegieter. She is the daughter of Verena James, daughter of Elisha James & Eliza Nisbeth and widow of Alvan Bruno Richardson, son of John Granville van Romondt & Ella Eunice RIchardson of Sint Maarten.

The Mathias Voges Collection ( Historical Reseacher/ Ex- Acting Governor of Sint Maarten


Descendants of John Granville van Romondt

Descendants of Sarah Maria Cannegieter

Descendants of Susanna Halley

Marriage Certificate Octavio Lepidus Richardson & Marie Madeleine Illidge ( March 23, 1928)

Marriage Certificate Maurits Rudolph Richardson & Merle Carmen Howell ( 1934)

Complete family tree on the Van Romondt Family

The Anne van Droogenbroeck- de Beaulieu Collection ( VR- descendant)

Family tree document of the descendants of Charles Illidge & Madeleine van Romondt
The Guillaume de la Roche Collection (Genealogist/married to VR-descendant)

Family tree of the descendants of Charles Illigde & Madeleine van Romondt

Nick Posthumus Collection ( Genealogist Netherlands)

Nick has been a friend to our research for many years and have provided us with information on the descendants of the Rotte family. Susan VR married Jonkheer Ijsbrand de Rotte.

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