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Families not found

Louis Ethelbert Peterson ( Nov 19, 1920-Oct 14, 2008) (SXM)

The Peterson branch is related to the VR. We are still searching the connections. Louis was known as Piet and Telbot and was married to Filotea ( Chichi) Ruiz.
Peterson Branch (SXM)

The Peterson branch is connected to the VR-family. Research is still being done to find the connections.

Contacts: Elize Peterson, Mickey Peterson

Octavia Cagan Branch (U.S.A.)
Susanne Gallina:

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 9:45 AM, wrote:

I am a decedent of the Van Romondts.
My great grandmothers was a grandchild of Louis Van Romondt. Her Name was Octavia Cagan. sister of Angele Cagan. Octavia was known by Filomen and came to the United States when she was 19. Some believe that Angele may have even been Octavia's daughter...while there is a 17 year difference in age. Octavia left St Martin and never returned. We have been searching for my great grandmothers family for years.

Susanne Gallina
Daughter of Nanette Schenker, daughter of Yvette Mingo, Daughter of Octavia Cagan

Clothilde Van Romondt/Graëve Branch ( France/Belgium)

Francis Graeve was the eldest descendant and passed away in 2010 at the age of 97 years old in France.

Most of the Graëve reside in Paris. Well actually they all reside in Paris besides myself and another cousin who works in NYC I believe.
My grand-father´s parents were living in Martinique, at some point they left the island to live in Paris. My grand father was raised in Martinique until he was fourteen more less. Then there is so much to say about my grand father and the Graëve family overall. My grand father mentioned his mother was a Van Romondt but I think he didn´t keep in touch with that side of the family at all, God knows why, he will be stunned when I tell him about our emails ( Source: Emmanuel Graëve, 2009)

Schouten Branch (Aruba, Curacao, U.S.A., Netherlands)

Julie Jolanthe Wilson married Gerardus Johannes Schouten. Julie is daughter of Catherine Wilson & Ernest Gerald van Romondt better known as Mr. Nessie and sister to Miriam Wilson who married Hopmans. Julie & Gerardus had 12 children and so far three branches have been found.

Madeleine Alice Simone van Romondt/De Beaulieu Branch ( Belgium/France)

Family of Madeleine Alice Simone van Romondt, branch of daughter Marguerite Marie B. G. de Beaulieu who married Perilleux ( 4 sons, Didier, Dominique, Mickael, Renaud born in Etterbeek, Belgium) and daughter Suzanne Elisabeth Oscar B. G. de Beaulieu who married Hamesse ( 2 children (Eric and Catherine born in Schaerbeek, Belgium) and daughter Therese Marie Jehanne B. G. de Beaulieu who married Claude Foulon ( 1 child Benedicte Foulon)

Suzanne van Romondt/Vatble Branch ( Martinique/France)

Family of Suzanne " Suzon" van Romondt married Jules Vatble. The couple had 8 children ( Vatble, Thoze, Dormoy, Maxime, Jouanneau Courville, Levalios, Vaunzanges, Herve, Lafosse-Marin, de Reynal de Saint-Michel)
Angeline Clemence Adelaide van Romondt ( Belgium/France)

Angeline lived in Belgium ad died 11 January 1947 in Brussels.No information was found on any of her family.

Fischer Branch
We understand that some member of the Fisher Branch living in the Netherlands are related to the van Romondt family of the West Indian Branch. No information was found on any member of this family.

Family to Guillaume de la Roche ( France/Martinique)

I send you the descendants of Charles Illidge Van Romondt and Madeleine Blanche Néron de Surgy. Madeleine Blanche is the youngest sister of my wife's grand father. I have given your mail adress and request to my cousins who are descendants of the Van Romondt Family on the West Indien Branch and live in France and Martinique.

De Rotte branch ( The Netherlands)

We haven't found living descendants of branch of:

Jhr. Mauris Calixtus Franciscus Johannes de Rotte

Jhr. August Alexander Gerardus Calixtus de Rotte

Jhr. Frank Gerard de Rotte

Jr. Pieter IJsbrand de Rotte

De Rotte family is a royal family. Susan van Romondt married Jhr. Dr. IJsbrand Gerardus de Rotte

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