Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meet our special contact " Mr. Giovanni de Windt"

Source: Malaki Z. Croes (AUA)

Dear all,

Meet one of our special contacts hobby genealogist Giovanni de Windt. Giovanni heard of the van Romondt Family Tree West Indian Branch Research Project a few years ago through the internet. Giovanni now lives in Aruba and he & Malaki get together frequently to talk about their passion and to fill in on gaps & do research.

Giovanni de Windt is descendant of the " de Windt" and "Nicolaas" family and has an extensive database which consists of almost 9000 names. His quest is to find the connections with " de Windt" and "Nicolaas" family. He has also provided our research with many information on the Windt, van Romondt and Croes family.

We would like to thank Giovanni for his interest in the van Romondt Family Tree West Indian Branch and wish him all the best with his family research.

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