Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meet our special contacts " the Hassell's"

We are just so happy that we have so many people supporting and helping us with information regarding the research of the van Romondt Family Tree West Indian Branch Research Project.

Families such as Hassell, Gumbs, de Cloux and many more are very important to our research as they connect our family in the first lines of the family tree.

As you know Diederik Johannes van Romondt who came to Sint Maarten N.A. in 1800 married to Ann Hassell. We are still gathering information on the ancestors of Ann so we can have the connection within the Hassell family tree.

Our special contacts of the Hassell's family include: Billy Hassell (USA), Keith Hassell (UK) KJ Hassell (USA), Edward Hassell, Edward Middendorf, Charles Cloeber (USA), Chris Hassell (USA), Christopher Gleed (USA), John Hassell and Gosta Simmons.

Picture of KJ Hassell & Billy Hassell in Saba.

Together we are helping each other to find more information.

Attached a pic of Billy Hassell ( right) and his cousins in Saba.
Source: Billy Hassell, USA

We thank the Hassell 's for being part of our research.
Keith Hassell has also a website:

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