Saturday, October 11, 2008

Let us get ready for the closing reunion in New York

Closing VR-Reunion in USA
Save the date!

Dear family & friends,

On Sunday November 23, 2008
we will have the Closing VR-Reunion 2008 in the city of New York, U.S.A.!

Visit the following link for all details of the USA Reunion:

Our coordinator Mrs. Erika Smith-Cannegieter is getting everything ready and will be in touch with you. The reunion will be kept during daytime so everyone can come and join us for this special day.

Please inform all families especially those living in the US and Canada as many don't have email!

Your presence is highly appreciated.

Come and spend a weekend in New York and explore the city that never sleeps!

Please let us know a.s.a.p. if you can come to the reunion by sending an email to or call:

Hope to meet you in New York. The reunion in Curacao was SPECTACULAR, Sint Maarten AMAZING & LOVING and Aruba PHENOMENAL. Let us make the US closing event MAGNIFICENT!

With Divine Love & Compassion,

Malaki Zuleika Croes
On behalf of the van Romondt Family Tree West Indian Branch Research Project


KEITH said...

Hello, I am Keith D. Leid,one of Ramona Cooper's son. My siblings & my wife are looking forward to this New York reunion. my email address is,,

yleid said...

Hello, My name is Yvonne,and i am the Great-Granddaughter of Clarence Aubrey Cannegieter, and i along with my siblings and family look forward to attending. i can be reached at