Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just received news regarding Will Johnson

Dear family and friends,

It is a great honor for me to inform you that mr. Will Johnson is a candidate for the upcoming Parliament election in January, 2010 in the Netherlands Antilles.

Mr. Will Johnson (historian and politician of Saba) was one of the guest of honor at the VR-family reunion in SXM 2008 together with Mr. Mathias Voges (historian and former deputy governor of Sint Maarten)

Mr. Will where do I start........., God knows how thankful I am to you for the work you have done! Thank you.

On behalf of the Cannegieter branch we would like to thank you for talking to our great great grandfather, great grandfather, grandfather, great great uncle, great uncle uncle and father the belated Judge mr. Clarence Aubrey " Besanto" Cannegieter about the family history of SXM families, especially of the van Romondt family. We understand that oral history has helped us throughout the years connecting us all back together.


On behalf of each and every descendant of the van Romondt family, especially the West Indian branch we would like to thank you for your interest in our family history and for writing the book "For the Love of Sint Maarten" which is the foundation of our family history in Sint Maarten and has helped and is still helping us today achieving the "van Romondt West Indian Research Project". Your book is the family bestseller and we will always cherish the book and the work you have put into it to achieve the publication.

I believe and know that GOD knew before it all where the work you did would lead too. Your book has been an inspiration to me and many of us regarding the history of the van Romondt Family and of Sint Maarten and to others about the history of Sint Maarten and as you know has led to other publications, newspaper articles, interviews, information and research all relating to the history of Sint Maarten which is used up to this present day in libraries, museum, schools, newspapers and not to forget the word connection " The Internet" etc.

May God bless you and your family and thank you for being such a nice person to sit down to talk too whether it is on the phone or personal or to stay in touch through writings such as emails, books and newspaper articles.

All the best wishes for the upcoming elections.

Will Johnson, danki, gracias, bedankt, merci, thank you for writing about our family history, the van Romondt Family where our forefather Diederik van Romondt came from Amsterdam The Netherlands to Sint Maarten in 1800 and became governor of Sint Maarten, marrying Ann Hassell and having their 6 children where we all are descendants from.

We as the VR-descendants will continue the work to keep the family tree alive so that the future generations will know their family heritage!

With kind regards,
Malaki Zuleika Croes


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